What is Bio-Energy Testing®

Bio-Energy Testing® involves the use of a VO2/VCO2 measuring device. VO2/VCO2 systems are commonly used in hospitals and athletic centers all over the world. During the test, you will wear a mask similar to a scuba mask. The mask will have a tube that connects to an analyzer that measures and records in real time how much oxygen your body uses and how much carbon dioxide it produces. Since the amount of oxygen your body uses and the amount of carbon dioxide it produces happens in your mitochondrial this data can then be used to measure your mitochondrial function. Bio-Energy Testing uses a patented computer program to analyze the data and determine how efficiently your mitochondria are producing energy. A series of measurements are taken at rest and while exercising. The test is safe, easy, and takes about 45 minutes. The Bio-Energy Testing® computer program then calculates:

  • Your resting mitochondrial efficiency. This is the most accurate way to determine thyroid function.
  • Your resting fat metabolism.
  • Your maximal mitochondrial efficiency.
  • Your maximal fat metabolism.
  • Your optimum carbohydrate intake.
  • Your optimum caloric intake.
  • Your caloric expenditure at various point of exercise.
  • Your lung function.
  • Your overall strength and fitness.
  • Your optimum exercise zones.

How Does Bio-Energy Testing® Work?

The Bio-Energy Testing analyzer measures oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production.

Oxygen consumption directly determines mitochondrial efficiency. Carbon dioxide production determines fat metabolism. Optimum carbohydrate intake is determined by the ratio of oxygen consumption to carbon dioxide production. Overall strength is determined by the amount of work you are capable of per unit of energy produced. The Bio-Energy Testing analyzer sorts and analyses an enormous amount of data and calculates your energy production dynamics under both resting and exercise conditions. Bio-Energy Testing algorithms present the results of these calculations in a way that can have immediate clinical relevance.

Who Should Be Tested?

People who believe that it is more important to live well than to live long and that ideally, we can have both.

People who want to finish out their lives in “great shape,” free in large part from the incapacity, limitations, medications, and diseases that so frequently affect the over sixty crowd.

Athletes who want to scientifically optimize their training.

Non-athletes who just want to design the most efficient exercise program.

People who cannot control their weight.

People who feel great now but realize that they need to be proactive in order to stay healthy as they get older.

People who feel tired or weak but cannot find out why.

People who want to monitor their mitochondrial status as they get older to make sure that what they are doing is working.

The key to achieving all of these goals is to optimize your energy production to youthful levels.

John's Case – A Case Study

John (the name is fictitious, but the case is not) is a 64-year-old man who loves life. He decided to measure his overall status and mitochondrial function because he wants to be as healthy as he can be. John knew that being healthy is a lot more than just not being sick.

John had the usual symptoms typical of a man his age, noting a decrease in his physical and mental performance from what he had enjoyed as a younger man. His comprehensive anti-aging evaluation revealed a healthy man with various commonly seen biochemical and hormonal imbalances. His Bio-Energy Testing results showed that his mitochondrial function was significantly lower than optimum. That means that even though he was healthy and getting along just fine, his body had aged to the point that he was producing energy with an efficiency that was steadily declining. In the long run, this energy deficit was putting John's health in serious jeopardy. John knew he wasn't getting any younger, but he had underestimated just how fast he was losing ground. This is typical. Mitochondrial efficiency can decrease steadily even while we feel great.

When he received the news John's response was, "I don't care what I have to do Doc, I just want to be healthy thirty years from now." Armed with this motivation and the information from his assessment, his doctor established a targeted, individualized lifestyle, nutritional, hormonal, dietary, supplement, and exercise program for John.

The good news is that John really responded rapidly. Six months later his mitochondrial efficiency had improved to a level that was typical for a much younger man. And he was feeling and performing on a much higher level than he had experienced for quite a few years. Within six months his body had gone from functioning like a 65-year-old to that of a man over 20 years younger.

John's case is not all that unusual and just underlines how effective currently available anti-aging strategies can be. Additionally, not only is he feeling better, but he has also reversed every single disease risk factor that his doctors had discovered. Taking care of sick people year after year makes doctors realize more than most people that improving vitality and preventing disease is a lot better than even the most remarkable cure.

Finding A Bio-Energy Testing® Center

Bio-Energy Testing® was first introduced to the health care profession in 2004, and since then new Centers have been continuously opening up in both the United States and around the world. Click here to find the one closest to you. You should have your mitochondrial function measured at least every 1-2 years. Click here to read some scientific publications about Bio-Energy Testing, mitochondrial analysis, and The Energy Deficit Theory of Aging.

Bio-Energy Testing Centers Within the U.S.

California Montana
Connecticut Nevada
Florida Oklahoma
Georgia Pennsylvania
Illinois Texas
Louisiana Utah
Missouri Virginia


An Optimal You
Laurie Blanscet, D.O.
29995 Technology Drive #203
Murrieta, CA 92563
Phone: (951) 541-3577
Website: www.anoptimalyou.com


Wellness Institute
Dr. Marvin Schweitzer
1 Westport Ave
Norwalk, CT 06851
Phone: (203) 847-2788
Website: drmarvinschweitzer.com


Elite Fit Forever
4302 Alton Rd #300
Miami Beach, FL 33140
Phone: (305) 672-9989
Website: www.elitefitforever.com

The Wholeness Center

Dr. Kirby Hotchner, D.O.
2700 S.W. 3rd Ave. Ste. 1E
Miami, FL 33129
Phone: (305) 856-8185
Fax: (305) 856-8959
Website: www.drhotchner.com

LifeWorks Wellness Center

Dr. David Minkoff, M.D.
301 Turner Street
Clearwater, FL 33756
Phone: (727) 466-6789
Fax: (727) 451-1010
Website: www.lifeworkswellnesscenter.com


Advanced Rejuvenation Institute of Georgia
Dr. R. Wichman M.D.
4426 Tilly Mill Road
Atlanta, GA 30360
Phone: (770) 232-7883
Website: www.advancedrejuvenationinstitute.com


Stephen Spates
4 Walker Ave. Ste. A
Clarendon Hills, IL 60514 USA
Phone: (630) 734-3454
Fax: (630) 734-3457
Email: stephen014@aol.com
Website: www.DrSpates.com


TotalCare Health & Wellness Medical Clinic
Thomas K Bond, MD
1101 South College
Lafayette, LA 70503
Phone: (337) 264-7209
Website: totalcare-la.com


Preventive HealthCare
Brent Caudill M.D.
201 N. Jefferson Ste. D
St. James, MO 65559
Phone: (573) 265-0911
Cell: (573) 259-1659
Fax: (573) 259-0912
Email: preventativehealthcare@hotmail.com


Big Sky Integrative Health, PC
Dr. Jeff Green
8707 N Jackrabbit Lane #E
Belgrade, MT 59714
Phone: (406) 388-6676
Website: www.bigskyintegrativehealth.com

Rocky Mountain Natural Health Clinic

Marc Harris, ND
702 N 19th Ave
Bozeman, MT 59718
Phone: (406) 586-1997
Fax: (877) 586-0138
Website: www.dr-harris.com


The Nevada Center of
Alternative & Anti-Aging Medicine
Dr. Frank Shallenberger
1231 Country Club Drive
Carson City, NV 89703
Phone: (775) 884-3990
Fax: (775) 884-2202
Email: nvcenter@nvbell.net
Website: www.bioenergytesting.com


Natural Health Center
Dr. Daniel P. Cullum
420 Yucca Lane
Turpin, OK 73950
Phone: (580) 778-3310
Email: naturalhealth2111@yahoo.com
Website: www.naturalhealthcenterok.com


Dr. Martin Mulders, M.D., P.C.
485 Devon Park Dr. Suite 112
Wayne, PA 19087
Phone:(610) 688-4777
Fax:(610) 688-4770
Email: muldersmdoffice@verizon.net
Website: www.drmulders.com


Rex Anderson, MD.
3811 Turtle Creek Blvd. - Ste. 310
Dallas, TX 75219
Phone: (214) 651-6161
Fax: (214) 651-6160
Email: rex.anderson@manageqaging.com
Email: agenever1@yahoo.com

East Texas Institute for Executive Health

Dr. David Fletcher
816 South Fleichel
Tyler, TX 75701
Phone: (903) 592-2999
Fax: (903) 595-0866
Email: janice@livingyounger.org
Website: www.livingyounger.org


Advanced Health Clinic & Therapeutic Spa
Martha Bray, FNP-BC, APRN,AHC II, INC.
630 W. Shepard Lane
Farmington, UT 84025
Phone: (801) 447-8680
Fax: (801) 447-4211
Email: info@advancedhealthclinic.com
Website: www.AdvancedHealthClinic.com


Phydos Clinic
Dr. David Zeoli, N.D.
1011 East Jefferson Street, Suite 204
Charlottesville, VA 22902
Phone: (434) 244-2992
Website: www.phydosclinic.com

Outside the U.S.

Australia Mexico
Mexico Panama


Dr Jaa's Medical Health
Suite 6 Riverwalk One
140 Robina Town Centre drive, Robina Qld 4226
PO Box 3457, Robina Qld 4230
Phone: (07) 5562 2088
Fax: (07) 5562 2085
Email: admin@drjaasmedicalhealth.com
Website: www.drjaasmedicalhealth.com


BWELL Funtional & Regenerative Medicine
Dr. Horacio R. Valle Avalos
Blvd.Kukulkan KM.12.5 SN C2 Y C3
Zona Hotelera CP 77500
Cancun Quintana Roo
Phone: (998) 176-8245
Website: www.bwell.mx


Tecoyotitla 412 Edificio Arenal piso 2
Colonia Ex Hacienda de Guadalupe Chialistac
Delegacion Alvaro Obregon
Cd de Mexico 01050
Phone: (52) (55) 52502451
Phone: (52) (55) 52502452
Website: www.cibet.mx
Email: centrointegralbet@gmail.com


The Bio-Fit Center
Ocean Plaza Building
Marbella, 9th floor
Panama City, Panama
Phone: (507) 340-6288
Phone: (507) 340-6299
Fax: (507) 340 6235
Email: bclast5@aol.com
Email: biofit@biofitprogram.com
Email: mbemarbella@cwpanama.net
Website: www.biofitprogram.com

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