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Bio-Energy Testing® is the most important health and anti-aging tool ever developed. Why? It’s because the core principle behind staying strong and healthy and avoiding disease is to maintain youthful mitochondrial function. Even with all of the controversy commonly seen in medicine, there is no argument over this fact. Every cell in your body contains thousands of tiny bubble-like structures called mitochondria. It is in your mitochondria that oxygen is converted to energy by burning fat and sugar. This is the energy that keeps you alive and allows your body to function at a high level. Bio-Energy Testing measures how well your mitochondria are doing this.

Absolutely nothing is more critical to your health than mitochondrial function. Poor mitochondrial function is the root cause of every disease, obesity, and even the very process of aging itself. And that’s why Bio-Energy Testing is so important. Bio-Energy Testing uses VO2/VCO2 analysis to measure mitochondrial function. It is the only clinical system in the world that can do this. If your mitochondrial functioning is optimal, congratulations! If not, the information from Bio-Energy Testing can be used to determine what you need to do to correct the problem.